Sunday, May 24, 2009

use *this* A/C, electrify villages!

An air-conditioning manufacturer has an advertisement showing an TV these days which goes something like this ...

जो इतनी बिजली बचाए की
गाँव गाँव को बिजली पहुंचाए

The A/C saves so much energy that it helps electrify villages.

What a sham!

What about not using A/Cs in the first place? What about equal access
to electricity and then the question of giving A/C usage priority?
What about people who are suffering because of no access to electricity?

Never mind. The corporates are happy raking the mulah, dumbing down
the audiences with the in-vogue CSR type advertisements.


janak chandarana said...

The surprise part is that advertisement is coming from Tata who also promotes NGOs like jaagore.

akshaya said...

i guess the main point here is that, no matter how much we talk about not using ACs, hardly anyone will stop. so this is some weird way of making people believe that they are helping the environment and saving electricity and aiding the poor by using such an AC.
maybe in a warped way, it is true.
because ACs are a part of a comfortable lifestyle that everyone wishes for. and you cant ask people to give up on their lifestyle so easily.