Tuesday, October 16, 2007

al gore and the nobel peace prize

two takes on this ...

It’s Insanity, Stupid! - Al Gore And That Nobel Peace Prize
The Nobel Peace Prize to Al Gore opened a heated debate: was it right to award a mass murderer and war criminal? ...
On CounterPunch, Alexander Cockburn wrote, “When Gore goes to get the prize [… he] should be forced to march through a gauntlet of widows and orphans, Serbs, Iraqis, Palestinians, Colombians, and other victims of the Clinton era.”

Nobel Prize For Al Gore:“Old Europe” Fires Back At The Bush Administration
The awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to former Vice President Al Gore is a political statement by the European bourgeoisie about the policies of the Bush administration and the politics of the United States. Rarely has there been such an open intervention by the European ruling elite in the internal politics of America


Tim said...

I'd agree with both takes, but I still think Gore is one of the better american politicians (of course better is a very relative term when it comes them)

Anonymous said...

I Jst came across the following article..
Mahatma Gandhi, the missing Laureate

This articles says there was a trend till 1960s, awarding the noble prize for peace to either Europeans or Americans. Seems like the trend is still continuing.

I have seen a film called Lord of War long back. It actually says that the permanent members of UNSC are the main arms suppliers and thus supporting war in various parts of the world.

So i guess Americans and Europeans definitely deserves Noble prize for ..


Puru said...

i too think Al Gore has helped spread the word on climate change ... but the question is, why didn't he speak about this and take stronger stances against arms, wars, skewed foreign policies and more so talk about climate change issues when he was in a position of power! I think that would have been a better case for the peace prize.

yes, USA, Russia, France are the biggest arms suppliers and India is one of their biggest clients and we in turn are selling arms and giving military training to Burma!