Saturday, August 11, 2007

Rural India and 60 years of Independence

P. Sainath writes on the topic ... "The decade of our discontent".

some of the numbers he mentions are staggering ...
The average monthly per capita expenditure (MPCE) of the Indian farm
household is a long way from Rs.15 lakh. And further from $115,000. It
is, in fact, Rs.503.
About 60 per cent of that Rs.503 is spent on food. Another 18 per cent
on fuel, clothing, and footwear. Of the pathetic sum left over, the
household spends on health twice what it does on education. That is
Rs.34 and Rs.17. It seems unlikely that buying unique cellphone numbers
is set to emerge a major hobby amongst rural Indians. There are
countless households for whom that figure is not Rs.503, but Rs.225.

There are whole States whose average falls below the poverty line. As
for the landless, their hardships are appalling.


Anonymous said...

Sainath has raised questions about the role the press plays in covering issues that affect not only rural india but an average urban indian household. Most of the emphasis is on covering "events" such as these rather than covering "processes": poverty, drought, health care ... issues that have an impact on peoples lives.

But the other question is also about our sensibilities as citizens, if on the front page of a newspaper there is a choice between reading about aishwarya rai attending some function and farmers committing suicide, which article are people most likely to read?

Thats probably not a fair question, but the question i am trying to raise is that isn't media to an extent driven by what the masses want to read about? At the end of the day what determines what they write?


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