Wednesday, June 06, 2007

helmet harakiri

According to this report, the TN govt. has relaxed the requirement of wearing helmets for women and children pillion riders. For all others, they are required to wear helmets.

Agreed, that most helmets are not designed for women, but what about safety? Isn't that supposed to be the primary concern.

Apparently there is more to helmet-for-safety than what meets the head!

A few years back (in 2005), the helmet rule was tried in Pune and other than the cost-factor there were other reasons to oppose it --- loss of hearing and move to help a relative who manufactures helmets.

"I will not wear the helmet from Monday. I will also not pay the fine to the traffic police. I will get myself arrested," said Vijay Kale, BJP city chief then. Corporators cut-across party lines to threaten a mass agitation and threatened a "helmet-todo" andolan.

Given the hazardous driving conditions on urban roads, designing low-cost, reliable, gender-conscious and comfortable helmets is the need of the hour and sounds like a good business idea as well!

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Is wearing a helmet mandatory in any city/state? and is it enforced?

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Anonymous said...

yo puru ... i'm proud to say that both you and I regularly wore our helmets during our treacherous drives to college on pune satara road. - HD