Tuesday, April 03, 2007

coke bad, pepsi good?

While Coke has drawn all the flak for ground water depletion and contamination in Pallakad district, Kerala and its bottling plant in Plachimada remains closed, Pepsico remains operational and is reported to be doing the same or even worse activity in the district.

The CPM-led Left Front government in Kerala shut the Coca-Cola plant in Palakkad as it was damaging the environment. Why is it not applying the same rules to Pepsico?

No one knows how many borewells the Pepsico plant has. No one is allowed to enter.

Coke used seven to 15 lakh litres of water daily, while Pepsico uses 15-25 lakh litres.

... the soft drink giants, the half-a-dozen beer factories and the scrap-iron smelting factories are responsible ...

The Coca-Cola factory was inside a thickly populated village. But Pepsi is located in an industrial belt and it has arrived through the green channel. So the government has a limited role in enforcing regulations on it. But when it comes to the water exploitation, it is number one.


clash said...

Great Blog!! Keep writing!!

Nithin said...

i would like to see the end of coke and pepsi in india..