Thursday, April 12, 2007

live bomb in every house

"In every house there is a live bomb that can erupt at any time. Do you know who that is? Daughters are the honour of the family and the community, and to protect that is our Hindu duty and Hindu culture... . Come, and let's unite to save bombs... I don't believe in love marriage. We have to marry within our own community. These girls go to college, make friends with some lafanga [loafer], roam with them on their bikes, fall in love, and then run off and get married…We bring them back and convince them that they are ruining their future. They stay with me for a while and then return to their parents." - Babu Bajrangi, Frontline, Dec 16-29 2006

Kavita Krishnan writes on policing of women and borders of caste, religion and community restricting freedom of women.

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