Thursday, March 15, 2007

what freedom?

The West Bengal government is directing the police against the people of the state. NAPM reports that at least 20 villagers have been killed and hundreds injured due to police firing in Nandigram. This is after the West Bengal Chief Minister made a public statement that the SEZ related acquisition will be put on hold and land will be acquired only after the villagers consent.

* * * * *

Puru: "We live in a free and democratic country right?"

Ashwin: "Yes, we do. But the constitution has been modified slightly to better the lives of the people and to ensure the growth, progress and development of the country".

Puru: "Oh, is it? I was not aware of that."

Ashwin: "You better learn it. Here is how it goes ..."
India is my country.

Tatas, Birlas and Ambanis are the only Gods of this country.

All the children, women, men, birds, animals, insects, trees, water and air belongs to them.
All the land of this country belongs to them.

From today the policy they make is the constitution of the country.

Jai Tata! Jai Birla! Jai Ambani!

Ashwin: "Remember it carefully and enjoy your stay!"

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