Friday, November 03, 2006

Kherlanji Massacre

A dalit woman stands up for her land, which is grabbed by upper-caste landlords.
In return, she and her daughter are gang-raped, paraded naked and hacked to death.
Her two sons are also hacked to death, while her husband watches! ... the Kherlanji Massacre.

State compensates kin of slain Dalits and assures the victim Bhaiyyalal and the other dalit family of the village, that they would be relocated to a safer place and that Bhaiyyalal will be given a job!

Searched with keyword "Kherlanji",
found 3 links!


Anonymous said...

"Searched with keyword "Kherlanji",
found 3 links!"

That's because if you search with "khairlanji" you get 450-odd hits. MSM was very slow to pick this up, but a few quarters are trying very hard to publicize the massacre and bring the guilty to justice.

How's it going at IIT?

- Ravi

Purushottam said...

Ravi, ~450 links on google not on!

yeah, from what i have seen there is coverage of this in local newspapers and local protests are on!---but no national media coverage, i think ndtv did a very belated report on it.