Friday, November 03, 2006


Give me more asbestos, says India!
Inspite of 95 per cent of the countries demanding that chrysotile asbestos be included in the Prior Informed Consent list, after a due scientific review process, the COP-3 failed to do this and deferred the decision to the next COP-4 in 2008. A proposal for a majority vote for decision making was sternly opposed by India and a few other countries, thereby forcing consensus to be the only way to decide on the listing issue.
chrysotile asbestos is a known human carcinogen which represents 94 per cent of world asbestos consumption. Once used widely as an insulating and fireproofing agent in buildings, ships and consumer products, asbestos has been shown to cause cancers of the lung and other organs as well as breathing disorders. The World Health Organization estimates at least 90,000 people die every year from asbestos-related diseases.

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