Wednesday, October 18, 2006

on SEZs

Special Exploitation Zones appeared on CounterCurrents.

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Vishnu said...

Bah! You are jealous of India's Economic growth. In this age when Indian companies `swallow whales', India Inc profits increase 31 percent, and IITians are helping in rebuiling a new India, you are stuck with commie ideas. Soon we will have huge malls, wide roads everywhere, and a large number of budget airlines. Do you think you can stop this progress with your bleeding heart arguments? Haven't you heard about evolution and natural selection? Don't you want to see a developed India--an economic superpower?

Go read this beautiful post that counters your arguments. After all, is there land shortage in India? And, haven't you heard that kuchh paane ke liye kuch khona padta hai?

All this rant, in spite of a one-line assurance in the 94 page document that "[t]he developer shall make adequate provision for rehabilitation of displaced persons."(p. 66) Shame on you!