Tuesday, October 17, 2006

om shanti

What do you do when,
Close to three-and-a-half lakh farm families are in "acute distress" in six crisis-ridden districts of Vidarbha, about 12 lakh farmers are staring at crop loss this year, and nearly a lakh families are suffering from serious health problems but are unable to see a doctor and they are only a step away from suicide.

Some amongst the farmers might say,
"Give us good remunerative prices, a level-playing field to face imports and timely credit."

... the government gives them sermons, sermons for the distressed souls!


gaddeswarup said...

From an artcle by Devnder Sharma n 2004:
"What the Prime Minister did not specify was that the World Trade Organisation (WTO) makes it imperative for countries like India to knock down the procurement machinery. Accordingly, grains for the food buffer have to be purchased at the market price and the releases from the buffer (read FCI) have also to be at the market prices, except for those living below the poverty line. In the past two years, the government has tried to "restructure" the public distribution system as per the WTO norms by removing the "above the poverty line" (APL) families from being a recipient of the subsidised rations."
Could ths be one of the problems?

Purushottam said...

am not sure if the PSU restructure is effecting the suicides directly, as most death seem to be due to debts and not due to starvation. Infact, if all food is to be purchased market prices, why aren't farmers seeing an increase in net income, would be an interesting question.
will try to ask/read around and post an update.

Purushottam said...

... unless ofcourse if the market prices are volatile and farmers are getting prices lower than the MSP (minimum stipulated price) which the govt. announces and for some crops still provides (am not entirely sure). But the MSP for cotton in Maharashtra was removed in 2004 i think.