Tuesday, September 26, 2006

India's Shame

The September issue of Frontline has series of articles on the issue of manual scavenging, a pathetic practice still prevalant in India.
- India's Shame
- Caste strangehold
- Out in the open
- Part of the system
- Bengal's record
- Interview with Martin Macwan, founder of Navsarjan.
- In denial mode
- Captured live


gaddeswarup said...

There is an older article by Pallavi Aiyer comparing the efforts in India and China:
An excerpt:
"Gandhi himself identified toilet cleaning as key to revolutionizing society. He stressed repeatedly that in a society's approach to private and public sanitation lay its commitment to true freedom and dignity. But if Gandhi was correct in his beliefs, then it is authoritarian China, not democratic India that has in fact achieved self-respect for its citizens. "

Purushottam said...

thanks for the link Swarup.

According to me, The most important point Pallavi makes in her article is that of dignity of labor. In India (and other places as well) all kind of labor is hardly looked at with the same respect and "value" ... until we don't realize that all labor is essential and as valuable as the other, be it farming, sweeping, cleaning toilets, being a doctor or scientist or businessman we cannot solve these problems!

Purushottam said...

suddu, thanks for pointing out the broken links---have fixed them.