Friday, August 11, 2006


Arrogance and Impunity - Coca-Cola in India, by Amit Srivastava.

"Give us a price, not a package" and A 'final' note on credit, P. Sainath reports farmers reactions to the "relief packages" and its effects (the latest package was announced about a month back).

Ye Dil Maange No More!, Tejal's post on the pesticide and the large issues with Coke and Pepsi in India.

Destruction, Death, And Drastic Measures, Dahr Jamail reports from Damascus, Syria.


Vishnu said...

Amit Srivastava's article seems old:

1. Plachimada plant started functioning in January this year.

2. U. Michigan revoked its ban on Coke in April 2006.

Purushottam said...

thanks for pointing that out Vishnu.
A link regarding the UMIch reinstatement is here.
Could not find a pointer reporting restart of the Plachimada plant---Amit's article is dated August 10th, so am not sure why he did no mention it.

Vishnu said...

I do not have a link for reopening of the plant, but I saw that on news this January when I was in India.