Sunday, August 20, 2006

books and toys

Books and Toys, a great site (link via Ashwin) for free books and toys. A huge collection of downloadable English, Hindi and Marathi books and ideas for toys from day-today objects. An awesome initiative by Arvind Gupta and his colleagues.

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TAKEOVER!, Students U.S.A mobilize for the 90's, documents from the the movement. The e-book (courtesy Mike) is about the student movement at University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 1989-90, against defense funded research and to defend abortion rights. In my opinion, should be required reading for all new students!


satya_katha said...

great link. thanks ashwin. i have met Arvind Gupta. i have read almost all his books :)
he is an IITK graduate.
he is the guy who got me into fun-physics.

satya_katha said...

in that link, the book,

"school of Barbiana: letter to a teacher"
is a must to read if you are interested in Education and society.