Monday, July 03, 2006

three appeals, one ball

From the on-going 4th cricket Test match between India and West Indies at Sabina Park (CricInfo test commentary) ...
    Kumble to Chanderpaul, OUT, gone, Kumble you beauty! Flighted on middle and off, Chanderpaul goes for an airy flick of all shots, not much turn, strikes him on the full, they all appeal, there's lbw shouts, the ball flies to Dravid at slip, there's one for the catch, then he throws the ball onto the stumps to run him out, its all happening, Rudi Koertzen raises the finger slowly, in the end its given lbw, its really all happening here, three appeals for one ball to one batsman, but the lbw is confirmed, whatever it is, Kumble's struck and West Indies slip further!

    the scorecard reads:
    S Chanderpaul lbw b Kumble 13 (56b 1x4 0x6) sr: 23.21

... don't see that (three appeals for one ball) happening very often!