Friday, June 16, 2006

war resisters

On today's Democracy Now!, American troops that are resisting to fight in Iraq.

- Army Specialist Suzanne Swift arrested for refusing to return to fight in Iraq.

- "Mission Rejected: U.S. Soldiers Who Say No to Iraq", a book by Peter Laufer, profiles a number of soldiers who refuse to participate in what they believe to be an illegal and immoral war.
But I think that the stories that we're telling here of those who oppose the war, who are deserting, who are going AWOL, who are filing for conscientious objector status, who are saying no to this war -- I think that it's important ammunition, these stories, to broaden the debate in the general society about the war. This is a great tool for going to those who are still undecided about the war, for going to those who still support the war, and to say, look at what's happening to people like Suzanne Swift. Look at what is going on in the military. Look at what these soldiers are saying who were there, who served, who were injured, who received medals for their valor.
You cannot impugn the credibility of those who signed up for the military, served, and come back and say this was wrong, the same way you can impugn the point of view, say, of you and me if we stand on the street corner with a sign that says stop the war. We're different than those who come back. Their credibility is phenomenal in the argument against the war.

and on a previous show,

Lieutenant Ehren Watada becomes the first commissioned officer to refuse deployment to Iraq.


Anonymous said...

I support Lt. Ehran Watada! I support his decision to save his soul from certain destruction before it happens, rather than trying later. I feel he signed up in the military to fight for protection and freedom, and I support him in not going to the Iraq War. It has proven itself to be fighting for neither protection nor freedom.
Here is why I feel I can relate…
I know what PTSD is; it is in the cells of my body, a cellular memory of impact and experience. When you have experienced the unbelievable trauma of another human being – being traumatically killed, or splattered, or crushed; you are never the same. You become hyper-aware of your own death. How will it happen? -What will I be doing? -When will I die? A person with post traumatic stress disorder is working constantly on the answers to these questions as it pertains to their own life. When you have PTSD, it is in the cells of your body – a body muscle memory, and you cannot deny the knowledge you have; what will you be doing when you die? - You are going to die, for what will you die? You realize with PTSD (death trauma) that you will create your own death, doing exactly what you are doing now. So now you see death being created in another war, - and you know right off, these people, the survivors of this war and death, are going to come home: Most all of them with PTSD. It maybe another Timothy McVeigh or a homeless Vet on the corner, or someone who functions normally – then cracks “all of a sudden”. But you will see and feel the PTSD of war and death come home, in people who have been trained to kill, and have for you. These people are our brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters, they are our friends, and we have made killers out of them. -*How do you think they feel?-
Death and War destroys the people who do it, please, help make it stop, before you get PTSD also.
(I am dealing with my PTSD the best I can, I am hopeful. Yes it is another “label”, another “mental illness”; but I do have a lot of ones that work for me, and I don’t mind knowing it.)
*I am telling you how my death trauma PTSD feels, you cannot cure PTSD; You can only hope others will help you with the unrelenting problem you have with death being created, and what it does to a person, and why it must stop.
Kenn (

CALL TO ACTION: OCTOBER 5th, (through 8th), 2006,

Hope is not something you have, it is created in real time: Non-participation in what you do not believe in, and action on what you do believe in. This communication and action for your self, will give you a feeling of hopefulness. But it will pass, and you will have to act again.

short PTSD bio:

My death Trauma PTSD was created through a series of three accidents starting when I was 15, (1974, 1981, 1993); four people I knew were traumatically killed, I was a part of these accidents. Death was not the goal, it just happened that way. I can only imagine what it feels like for human death to be created on purpose, knowing it was not an accident; (The death could have been prevented by what you already know). Hence my current predicament, I know human death is being created right now, and it needs to stop. I am 47, much older than the young people being killed, traumatized, and having their souls shattered, believe me, a shattered soul is very hard to heal. Just as you have helped to create it, you must help to heal it, or deal with the explosions. This is why I am an activist, I must try and stop this human death from being created, my being has no choice, I am not ignorant of it, and I know what it feels like.

Do you?

Kenn Dzaman

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