Monday, June 19, 2006

fountain colas

John Abraham after some research found out that Diet Pepsi is not harmful to health and incidently is also endorsing it.

You may want to look at this video, starring Diet Pepsi and Mentos, before you decide ...

Check here for fountains with Diet Coke (this one has fancier fountain patterns).

Nope, this is not the case with just Diet colas! Check here for the Mentos+Coke experience.

... whole new meaning to fountain drinks!


Maruthi Ramesh Nallapati said...


I was also of the opinion that diet coke/pepsi are not so bad for health as the regular ones. Is there any study that points to the contrary? But I can believe that any aerated drink can be potentially harmful because it is essentially mild carbonic acid!

Purushottam said...

I am not sure about a health study but CSE India (Centre for Science and Environment) conducted an anaylsis of pesticide residues in soft drinks sold in India.
Main page is here.
The report is here.
and another link with main findings is here.

All soft drinks tested (including Diet Pepsi) had higher pecticide levels than the standard they compared too, and interestingly the same drinks sold in the US had no pesticide residues!

Maruthi Ramesh Nallapati said...

"All soft drinks tested (including Diet Pepsi) had higher pecticide levels than the standard they compared too, and interestingly the same drinks sold in the US had no pesticide residues! "

So soft drinks are safe to consume in the US? any idea why the same standards are not enforced in India?

Purushottam said...

:) I am not sure whether about the safety as regards drinking them in the US. The study found certain pesticide residues not present, they still contain several chemical ingredients---analysing them and their effects is a seperate issue.

(I think) Due to the CSE study the India govt. was formulating a very strict guidelines and standards for the soft drinks manufacturers---was touted as one of the best etc. Am not sure where that went, will try to lookup.

Purushottam said...

The answer to why they don't follow same standards---could be several reasons (my guesses),
- Standards in India may not be stringent (which I dont think is the case)
- May want to maximize profits by skipping a few steps in manufacturing and with the knowledge that in a developing country even if an issue comes up they can buy their way through!
- Enforcement of law may not be the best in India.
Union Carbide paid about $1000 for a death in a family and around $500 for health related injury after the Bhopal gas tragedy. If the same had happened in the US, they would have needed to shell out billions of dollars in compensation.

tejal said...

i think the answer coke/pepsi offered and which to some extent does make sense is that the ground water that they use to make the drink has the pesticides. These pesticides are used in India and not in the US. However, it should be their (Coke and pepsi's) job to clean that groundwater (which they get for measly amounts ranging from 8 to 25 paise per litre or gallon, i dont know which one) before they distribute it at Rs 20 a litre. I am sure the ground water in the US is not free from pesticides and Coke does clean those out before distribution. They dont do it in India because it will reduce their profit margins as Puru mentioned in his comment above, and in any case why bother with the healths of the people in a third world country? If the government doesn't care, they have a blank check to do as they please.

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