Saturday, May 20, 2006

travel woes

Are you tired of the increasing traffic?
Are you tired of the pathetic condition of the roads?
Are you spending more time travelling than working?
Are the condition of roads and traffic hampering you from helping others?

... here is a solution,
Buy a helicoptor to meet your travel needs, as BJP MLA Anil Lad from Kudilgi, Karnataka is doing. Anil Lad's intention is to use the helicoptor to avoid the bad roads and “help attend to the problems of his voters”. Further, Mr. Lad had to "settle" for a helicoptor instead of a jet, due to space issues for the runway!

Maybe he can just fix all the roads, buy a jet and use the roads as landing strips. That way, common folk can use the roads when he doesn't, he won't have to settle for a coptor and also can serve the people---bingo! looks like much good can happen with this jet business.

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