Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"There Is A Fury Building Up Across India"

In this interview, Arundhati Roy updates her essay on the Narmada issue, The Greater Common Good, published in 1999.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing like a fury of the type arundhati would like us to believe. She is just full of hype and no substance.

People of her type are best ignored cuz they can never see good in anything and are only capable of putting spokes in the wheels.

In plain English, which she understands:

tejal said...

its amazing how people so very strongly vilify Roy without disputing a single point she makes. They have no retorts for her arguement and no critique of her analysis but yet they proceed to call her names just because she takes a stand. Her politics is clear, she knows where she stands and that is more than can be said about many figures in Indian (or even world) politics today. Most of her attackers are men and the reason for that is pretty obvious -- being threatened by a much smarter, a lot more intelligent and a way more stronger woman is not smtg that men take too kindly to.
So people can proceed to call her "bogus" just because she calls black what is black and white what is white, but it is just evidence of how very weak the arguements of her opponents are when they cannot discredit a single claim she has made.