Wednesday, May 10, 2006

SS Norway, a Malaysian cruise liner, is headed for Alang (Gujarat) for dismantling. The ship is supposed to be one of the top 50 toxic ships in the world and is laden with 900 tons of asbestos.

Another report: Alang yard back in news


Ismail Kachwala said...

can the writer provide any links where these authentic figures are given (other than the usual detractors like Greenpeace)

Purushottam said...

@ismail---my reference of the figures is the newspaper reports, whose links are on the post. The most "authentic" figures can be given the ship company itself or by an independent group that has free access to examine the ship, both of which don't happen very often.The prev. ship Clemenceau, was examined by the French and possibly Indian authorities for asbestos content and the ship eventually turned back---in some way crediting Greenpeace's stand---so I don't think they are detractors. If the ship companies/contractors think Greenpeace's stand is wrong, they can open up their facilities for examination!

Adv. Deshmane said...

Most of the time such alarmist figures are exaggerated and used to create a scare to achieve the desired purpose.

It is surprising from where they got such fantastic figure of 900 tons of asbestos?

And just because someone choses to float such wild figures, why should the ship companies open their facilities? Is such a thing reasonable? The accuser always has to prove not the other way round.

Purushottam said...

@adv.deshmane, sure the ship need not publish the numbers when somone is making some "random" claims.
(i) But the ship in entering Indian waters, so am not sure why it should not be made to reveal the exact figures. All(most) goods have to be declared while entering India. In this case the contents of the ship are the goods, and by the same logic need to be declared and the exact figures revealed by the company. No?
(ii) The content is question (asbestos) is proven to be carcinogenic and is banned by several countries. In such cases, isnt it proper to know what and how much of it we are dealing with?
I think, the above 2 reasons are compelling enough for the ship company to reveal the numbers or let a independent agency to estimate the figure.

deshmane said...

not at all.
your first point is just conjecture. There is no such rule.

Secondly, if any questions have to be done they have to come from the appropriate authorities according to procedure of law and they are not bound to answer any tom, dick and harry that demans to know.

confused said...


Though I completely agree with you on this issue, I could not help commenting on the rant you left on someone else's blog-emkay, perhaps.

Dude, if you hate the bourgeoise so much, what are you doing in US? Strange! You come for education in this country when you make all pro Naxalite noises, why not try Latin America?

I am not questioning your right to be here, who am I to do that. But just curious!

Why does not anyone wants to go to non-Capitalist countries?


tejal said...

confused - puru did not leave the "rant" on emkays blog. I did!
and u missed the point completely, its not about any country, its about a system. But since this post here on paddle sweep is not about that, i will comment no further

Anonymous said...

if the link does not work directly copy and paste it.

Anonymous said...

sorry folks the earlier comment was relevant to another issue raised in your blog Save the Internet. I will repost under the relevant thread.