Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Move to end Brahmin monopoly

During the recent Tamil Nadu elections, parties promised several freebies are part of their manifesto---cycles, TVs, gold, land, Rs. 2 per kg rice, free electricity---all at a huge cost to the State exchequer. The DMK government has already announced that it will distribute rice at Rs 2 per kg as promised.
At the same time, in one of the most progressive moves, DMK is trying to end Brahmin monopoly on priesthood.
TN government may issue an order to allow Hindus of any caste to become priests. Karunanidhi brought in a similar legislation called the Archakas Act in the early 1970s, but it could not be implemented as the Supreme Court put some riders. However, a Supreme Court judgment in October 2002 that Brahmins do not have the monopoly of performing pujas in the temple and "anyone well-versed and properly trained" could be appointed as the temple priest will give Karunanidhi's latest plan a legal backing.

Obviously, the annoucement is not welcomed by all and will likely face stiff opposition,
Says South India Purohiths' Association president Arcot Narasimhan: "The government move is condemnable, but not as a matter of caste. To be a temple priest, it needs training and penance through several generations. A quick-trained person cannot make a priest, whichever caste he belongs to."

Wonder why brahmins cannot use their multi-generation penance to teach whoever desires to be a priest, irrespective of their caste?


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Anonymous said...

Stick your head out of Mao books a bit more often...

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