Thursday, May 25, 2006

Monday ya Friday?

Monday for boy, Friday for girl---one of the ways used to reveal gender of a foetus after a sonography test. In the dock again: Kolhapur’s sex-test centres, a report on the practice of female foeticide and declining sex ratio in Kolhapur District, Maharashtra.
The female sex ratio (number of girls per 1000 boys in zero to six age group) in Kolhapur district has fallen from 931 in 1991 to 839 in 2001.
... of the nine talukas in Maharashtra which have shown decrease of more than 100 points, four are in Kolhapur district — at comparatively prosperous Panhala (decreased to 795 in 2001 from 931 in 1991), Karveer (803 from 905), Kagal (816 from 925) and Radhanagari (855 from 960).
Interestingly, the decline in child sex ratio is pronounced in rich towns and villages, while the poorer tribal areas show a healthy ratio. Khandalkar says part of the reason is because ‘‘in prosperous areas, there’s availability of modern medical facilities and people are misusing them in their desire for a boy child.’’

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