Monday, May 22, 2006

Meeting the challenge of Mandal

A two part series in The Hindu (by Satish Deshpande & Yogendra Yadav) attempts to find if there is a way forward, where both merit and social justice can be given their due.
1. Meeting the challenge of Mandal II
2. Reservation — an alternative proposal

[Tables are from the article]
"It should be emphasised that these data refer to all graduates from all kinds of institutions countrywide — if we were to look at the elite professional institutions, the relative dominance of the upper castes and forward communities is likely to be much stronger, although such institutions refuse to publish the data that could prove or disprove such claims.
In all cases, the Hindu upper castes, Other Religions (Jains, Parsis, Buddhists, etc.), Sikhs and Christians, are easily over represented and STs, SCs, Muslims, and OBCs are always below the national average."

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