Monday, May 29, 2006

Long distance call

Dilip D'Souza, based on his visits to Vidarbha, gives a very moving account of grief-stricken families in Vidarbha: Long distance call.
We visited Barshi-Takli because we heard about a farmer who had killed himself there, then we found out about another farmer who had killed himself there. We made futile little consoling cluck-clucks with a bewildered widow, then a weeping mother. In each house, they asked and I left my name and number, scrawled quickly on small scraps of paper torn from my pocket-pad. Across Vidarbha, many people asked for my number, some asked me for money, some just asked what I was going to do for them now that I had heard their stories. One mother asked her late-teens son to remove his shirt so I could see his artificial right arm, fitted in Jaipur after he lost his real arm to a thresher. "Will you hire him, to do anything? Anything?" she asked. What could I say?

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