Wednesday, May 31, 2006

home-maker on par

1. Don't marry
2. If you do make sure your other half is as wealthy as you are; and
3. Do a prenuptial agreement and keep your fingers crossed

That's a lawyer's sexist reaction after this ruling by the House of Lords, Britain's highest court.
The ground-breaking ruling has obliterated the traditional and somewhat perverse distinction between the home-maker and the breadwinner on grounds that a marriage must be regarded as an alliance of "equal partners" — and that the contribution of the partner, who stays home to raise the family, is no less important than the one who brings home the bread.

A very positive and landmark ruling for women who have put family before their professional career.

But according to "expert" opinion, men may not be happy about it ...
Experts said the ruling might deter men, especially wealthy men, from marrying. They also anticipated a surge in pre-nuptial agreements which, though not legally binding, could serve as "protection" against heavy payouts in the event of a divorce.

The bride and bridegroom will exchange bank statements, pre-nupital agreements and vows at 10.49 am. ... will this be on wedding invitations soon?


satya_katha said...

is a marriage just an economic and social contract ?

Purushottam said...

the wikipedia page on marriage is interesting ...