Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Child Malnutrition

UNICEF says the number of children under five who are underweight has remained virtually unchanged since 1990, despite a target to reduce the number affected.
In South Asia, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan account for half of all the world's underweight children. About 47% of under-fives in India are underweight.


Ismail Kachwala said...

So? Everyone knows the people are poor and undernourishment is one of the results.

Purushottam said...

Yes, the important factor related to undernourishment is poverty. But the starting thing is that the percentage of undernourished children is almost unchanged since 1990, and it all the more shameful as this percentage is 47% and not a small fraction. So, when we hear or talk about India Shining, 12,000+ Sensex and 10% economic growth, buying 50 F-16s from US, nuclear submarines from France and in general our economic foreign and interal policies---the question to ask then is how much attention are we paying to solving these basic issues?

Anonymous said...

For highlighting this, why should one need to take support from outside agencies statistics.

This shows we as Indians are not capable of raising any issues based on our own perceptions and facts. We always want crutches of outsiders even to take up problems which we as countrymen very well know.

Secondly, if we cannot eliminate poverty overnight, it does not mean that we cannot progress in other areas. Only when we develop in various spheres can it help us alleviate poverty. One should not take perverse view like NGOs e.g. NBA take, to stop development because we are behind in x, y or z.

Purushottam said...

@anonymous---i don't understand the "outside agency statitic" bit? Isn't the statistic itself important and not where it came from? also, the numbers are from a UN study, and India is part of the UN, so am not sure which outside you are referring too.