Monday, May 08, 2006

Catch Catch

As kids, some of us would have played the game "Catch Catch" (where folks throw ball at each other, never holding it with them). The game appears to be in vogue, currently being played at the national stage by the Prime Minister and his government and the Supreme Court.

Inspite of the 3-member GoM's report the PM decided to send the Narmada decision to the Supreme Court. the report categorically stated---"The reports of the Rehabilitation and Resettlement Sub Group and the GRA on the basis of which Narmada Control Authority (NCA) granted permission for raising the height has been largely paperwork and it has no relevance with the situation on the ground".

According to rules of "Catch Catch", the Supreme Court declined NBA's plea and stated that the PM will take a decision after a report from the committee to overlook R&R in M.P. submits its report by end of June and no later than July 3rd.

... and the game continues!

A few side-effects of the game---
1. Blatant shameless display of electoral politics and interests by the UPA govt. "No elections soon, screw the people then", seems to be motto of our parties or equivalent motto would be, "Do what is best for our election campaign". Don't worry if 35,000 families will be submerged without R&R, they are not voting anytime soon. Further, "development" cannot stop because some fellows are not happy with what they are offered or not offered as compensation. They have to sacrifice for the nation and for our 12,000+ Sensex, 10% economic growth, IT boom, our malls and nuclear arsenal.

2. Supreme court violates its own ruling---"Dam construction can go on only after R&R has completed 6 months prior to construction". I am sorry, the SC has the NCA clearance so technically it is not violating its own judegment, but then the 3 member GoM visit does say that R&R on paper and reality does not match!---well, that is not NCA statement so the SC leaves that to be taken care by the PM, its his committee and more importantly its his turn to play! Also, if the SC violates its own ruling there is no one above it--- the SC is the winning combination!

3. PM will get the report by June-end and he will have a decision by July 3rd (next throw of "Catch Catch"?) Till then the construction at the dam continues, and the monsoon would have arrived or would be round the corner. So, if the report shows R&R has not happened satisfactorily, will the dam height be reduced?---oops, but that is equivalent to spilling a catch and increasing the opponents score!


NBA's press release on the SC decision is here.


Ismail Kachwala said...

All these problems could have been avoided if NBA had not been constantly placing obstacles all along the way.

Their ultimate objective seems to be to ensure that the thousands of crores that have been spent are written off.

Ismail Kachwala said...

Furthermore, the group of 3 ministers only went where they were taken and they are not the official authority. Their word cannot be taken as gospel truth unless one wants to believe what fits with one's own thinking. The ministers also ended up asking totally irrelevant questions like how many sc/st people are included in the affected persons.

The whole exercise is to rehabilitate the affected families and one wonders where the question of SC/ST comes into play. Why did they not ask how many muslims and OBCS are affected?

The politicians are just interested in dividing all of us and people in NBA are just adding fuel to fire by creating unnecessary controversies.

They should be shown the door once for all.