Sunday, April 16, 2006

whose PM? what media?

The Gujarat MPs meet the PM and the PMO issues an official statement. While the affected people and the protestors patiently wait at Jantar Mantar for the more than 2 weeks to seek a meeting or a clear statement from the PMO---never mind that some of them are on a hunger strike (some for more than 2 weeks) and some have travelled on foot more than 800 km and more than that never mind that they are the ones at the wrong end of government policies. (Details of the protests are here and here).

While that is on, the media is firmly stuck in its belief of celebrity market-value. The media blitz after Aamir Khan visited the protest sites had several articles about the new avatar of the actor---whatever happened to the movement and their issues.
Two images showing possible contrasting media interest!

While that happens, Mr. Modi is on a 51-hour fast and NBA office is ransacked.

The NBA press release regarding the attack on their office and Soz's statement that the SC will decide the issue and that dam construction and rehab should be done simultaneously is here.
Fast by Medha, Bhawatiben and Jamsinghbai is in the 19th day.


Vishnu said...

It's good that there is still some sense left, that the protestors were not very much impressed with the filmi sitaare.

Those two photos say it all. There was an interview of Atul Kulkarni on Mumbai Mirror, where the interviewer asks,

Since most people’s attention was drawn to the Narmada andolan only after the RDB team joined the protesters, they will see the govt’s rethink on the height of the dam as your victory.

Purushottam said...

Vishnu---reportedly the other thing was NBA activisits questioning Aamir Khan about his endorsement of Coke and the water-theft and atrocities it is committing at several places in India. He it seems has ensured them that he will take up the matter with Coke.
A related link is here.

Suhas said...

IndiaTV showed today in Breaking News (20th April), some details and visuals of how NBA is
trying to sabotgae R&R work. What they did was far worse than what they are complaining about their office where Medha was seen play acting by shedding tears (tear, tear) over a broken PC donated by someone.

Someone needs to really look at their affairs. IndiaTV also said that in 2004 the Gujarat High Court had asked govt. to look into their activities but nothing seems to have been done.

Does anyone have details of this?