Sunday, April 23, 2006

RDB review

A pretty cool review of Rang De Basanti is here.
(link forwarded by Satya)


neil said...
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neil said...

As an avid movie buff, who loves new wave cinema I would say that there is no point doing a critical evaluation of Rang de Basanti (in terms of just about everything technique, script, direction)

I agree with most of the remarks made by the author as a critique of Bollywood culture and the "thinking elites".

But the objections about movie are judgmental

the people in movie are not representative of Indian youth (agreed, but I guess people, or at least the target audience like to see rich ppl driving around drinking booz )
people consider its hip to not know Gandhi (agreed, however I remember when I was a student in bby \sadly that was the case )
they should confront Sue for her grandfather being a British officer in India ( sounds pretty lame)
The white woman in the movie is the only character without a fault. She is the only one who apparently knows everything about Indian history. ( okay so.. in this fictional story that is what happens )

By killing a couple of political stooges, nothing will ever be replaced. Maybe, some leaders will change the seats.(right, but I wonder if there are people stupid enough to think that killing a few politicians like shown in the movie is going to bring about a revolution)
my objection is
why have such insistence about being politically correct? a movie need not be intellectually sound and well balanced, it is not an essay.
is there a rule that a movie should be Accurate, or representing common man? It is a MOVIE, a commercial Hindi movie for that matter..
I didn’t think its a revolutionary movie; neither did I think that it compared Aamir Khan as an equal of Aazad (etc).

I have very low expectations from commercial Bollywood movies, I should mention that Rang de Basanti is quite superior to all the recent Bollywood films I’ve seen in terms of acting, coherent screenplay (although nationalist dialog is quite horrible) and even direction (I’m not trying to contradict myself, “direction” is used as a Hollywood term here)

Without taking this movie seriously as an art form, I found the movie amusing for it's shock value: that these happy go lucky idiots act againt some injustice in their own thinking capacity.

I don’t think this one movie does an irreparable damage to the young generation’s worldview . The people reviewer is talking about are quite capable of doing such damage to themselves either way.

tejal said...

"It is a MOVIE, a commercial Hindi movie for that matter..
I didn’t think its a revolutionary movie; neither did I think that it compared Aamir Khan as an equal of Aazad (etc)."
the very fact that the movie is made and that it becomes such a big blockbuster blah blah makes it absolutely neccessary to critique it. You cant just ignore something that so many people are going to see, even though it might be silly. The reviewer does not say that the movie shouldnt be made or it should stick to a particular norm (is there a rule that a movie should be Accurate). In my opinion he is trying to stress on the fact that the movie is a part of a long chain of bollywood movies, has not been given a careful thought, leaves a lot of questions unanswered, is also very problematic in a lot of places (the unquestioned nationalism) and should not be considered as a "different" or "revolutionary" movie as many articles and audiences are calling it (Times of India said "The sheer simplicity of patriotism makes the movie a winner).
the fact that there is a parallel drawn between Bhagat Singh and the protagonists might not be so evident to all but one cannot deny that it could get viewed that way (using the same language when they decide to kill Mohan Agashe). Therefore it becomes necessary to talk about Bhagat Singh and his political ideology (the fact that he was a Leninist) so that he and his group do not get hijacked by a group who have not dealt with any real problem at all but are being touted as having "addressed and issue".