Thursday, April 13, 2006

India related Qs ...

(1) What percentage of India's population is involved/dependent in/on agriculture? (cultivators and agricultural labourers)

(2) What is the male/female literacy rate of India?

(3) What is the percentage of Bombay's population living in slums?

(4) What is India's Defence budget? (in terms of % total expenditure)

... will post answer's tomorrow (till then post your answers).

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tejal said...

1) indias population dependant on agriculture.... arnd 60-65%.... arnd 25% cultivators and 35-40% agri laborours?

2)male - probably arnd 61-62%
female - probably 45-50%?

3)i would say arnd 50-55% of the population lives in slums... most of it in suburban slums....

4)defence budget... hmmmm... maybe arnd 30%? although it feels far more than that..