Tuesday, April 11, 2006

dam update

Ministerial team submits report to the Prime Minister, no news of the report bein made public.

Aamir Khan to join the NBA and Bhopal protests on Friday. Amongst the other actors i read about that joined the NBA: Nandita Das, Rahul Bose.

NBA unites Congress and BJP in Gujarat.

Dilip's article in Mid-Day, Last night in Manibeli is here.


satya_katha said...

I just hope that, these movie stars won't glamorize hence depoliticize the movement !
Do we need glamorization of a political movement ? Does it help the movement in any way ?

I was reading about Jane Fonda the other day. One particular thing about her, I found really interesting.

"Fonda then planned to take a bus tour in March 2006 with her daughter and several families of military veterans but later scrapped her plans, mostly because she felt like she would distract attention from Cindy Sheehan's activism."

From wikipedia !

Purushottam said...

True, Satya---celebrity endorsement has its flip side, the movement may become the celebrity!
But then, all peoples---celebrity or not---are equally entitled to join, express solidarity and take part in movements and hopefully they themselves stick to the cause and not for galmour etc.