Sunday, April 16, 2006

Blue Gold

Frontline's April issue has a series of articles on water privatization and its effects.

    Thirst for profit
    Private water, Public misery
    Manager's nightmare
    Showing the way
    Bottled loot
    Interview: Anil Naidoo

Poison vs Nutrition, a report by CSE on pesticides in bottled water and soft drinks sold in India.

The water wars have already begun!


Dhananjay said...
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Dhananjay said...

Interserting articles. Did you know about 'Rain Harvesting'. I think is it a relatively new method, but is a possible solution for the crisis. Here is a link:

My friend from Chennai was saying it is catching up fast, and hopefully does some good in the near future.

Purushottam said...

dhanu---yeah rain and water harvesting techniques are gaining popularity and infact have been successfully implemented by several NGOs and private intiatives---but the govt. is still not thinking about such distributed and local solutions with any seriousness (atleast I think). The method itself may not be new, but is certainly suitable for several cases today.

Also, rain or water harvesting cannot be the solution if water itself is privatized! The bigger matters at stake are ownership of the resource itself and who decides how it should be used and how much free access should corporations get. Bottling companies get free water (groundwater) but sell it! There are movements aimed to making water an essential resource and not saleable.

In Bolivia, when Bechtel got the water contract, drawing water from a well in your own backyard was illegal and water charges went up by 200 percent!