Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Unsafe Milk and Chemical Bananas

Two articles reporting the use of banned chemicals, one to make buffaloes produce more milk and increase flow of milk and the other to ripen bananas quickly.
Mother Dairy denies sourcing milk from NDRI
Buffaloes are regularly injected with oxytocin, a potent artificial hormone which is given to women and animals to hasten delivery. The hormone increases contractions in the womb and causes milk to flow faster. But it does so by causing immense pain to the animals which undergo labour pains twice a day. ...
"Dairy people inject the animals in the belief that it increases milk. This is a misconception as it only lets the milk down faster. "The milk definitely causes damage and harm to humans as well as the cattle in which it is injected," said Dr Vinod Sharma, Chief Veterinary Surgeon, JeevAshram.

Banned chemicals used to ripen bananas
At the Byculla wholesale market, which supplies bananas to fruit vendors all over the city, Mumbai Mirror discovered workers using the chemicals with abandon to hasten the ripening process.
According to nutritionists, when such fruit is ingested, the toxins multiply in the body resulting in a plethora of diseases.

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