Thursday, March 09, 2006

Raging Grannies

A bunch of us went to Greenfied Town Center to participate in a rally organized on the occasion of Women's day to protest against the war and the voilence against wowen. A enthusiastic crowd of about 25-30 gathered around 4pm and for about one and half hour held banners, shouted slogans, sang and even made and listened to short speeches. There were several banners and a few that I managed to scribble down were:
     No to violence again women
     Work for peace
     No war on Iraq, No war on women
     Spend on child care not warfare
     Sisterhood is powerful
     No to militarism
     US out of Iraq
     No Blood for Oil
     No to militarism, capatilism, nationalism
     End racism and poverty
     Justice for all detainees
     Another world is possible
     Health care for all
     Stop wasting my tax $ on war
     The more force we use the less influence we have
     Listen to mothers, no more lies, no more killing

The most fascinating part of the rally was a group of old ladies called the Raging Grannies, who write and sing anti-war and songs related to social causes. The only criteria to join the granny gang is that you have to be more than 45 years old. The grannies sang, shouted and held their banners throughout the rally. The irony was, on one side there were these old ladies believing in making there voice heard for a cause and on the other people who were/are indifferent to the war, women & social issues. Hopefully the determination and rage of the grannies is infectious enough to motivate people out of their apathy and make them ponder about social issues and register their protest in whatever means they can---way to go raging grannies, the world needs more of your kind.

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