Friday, March 10, 2006

Radioactive Fruits

Close on the heels of the historic, media-hyped nuclear deal between India-US comes this worrying story in Mumbai Mirror: Radioactive Fruits, Anyone? Next time you buy fruits, remember not only to check the fruits, but also the basket they are in!

Also, with regards to the nuclear deal itself, it was sold by the administration and media as the best thing to happen to India and as a major boost to solve its energy requirements and maintain the 8-10% economic growth. While the validity of the deal itself can be argued, what about the several other questions that need to be answered,
  • What is the cost of building the nuclear reactors? is it worth it?
  • Since centralized generation plants suffer more transmission losses, why aren't we exploring large scale distributed generation solution? (nuclear energy generation is centralized)
  • What about radioactive waste? what is our plan? (I don't think we have located a waste dumping site yet)
  • What is our stand on alternative energy sources?---Wind/Solar/Micr-Hydro and how do they compare against nuclear?
  • Wouldn't our reliance on foreign fuel increase our reliance on US?
  • Why is US opening its nuclear doors now? does it have any vested interest?
  • ...

    I am sure some of these have been answered in some form or some may be slighlty off-topic. But wouldn't it be beneficial to see more reports/articles questioning and discussing the several important issues tied to nuclear energy and not just bombastic praise and history-potential of the deal?

    A related article on Countercurrents: Indo-US Nuclear Deal-Some Unexplored Angles
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