Thursday, March 23, 2006

Media has become a Monster

This sounds interesting ...The Media has become a Monster
"The media is meant to be the watchdog of society, not its lap dog!"
Hindi film superstar Aamir Khan has lashed out at the media in India, saying it is a parody of what it should be. Declaring that “news reporting is a matter of national concern”. Aamir spoke exclusively to Tehelka on the state of the Indian media, the first time any influential mainstream personality has dared to do so.
Would also be interesting to know why he is urging people to "Piyo Sar Uthake", inspite of Coke's shady and abusive operations in India and around the world?


Diana said...

huh...what else can u expect from actors..u knw, what media makes these people big..if urmila matondkar has a hair cut..its a news, if shilpa shetty buys a puppy..thats the news..i think we media people are giving them too much of attention.
and they just love this attention bt when the attention goes against them...they cry foul

Purushottam said...

diana---yeah certainly true.
But in this case, reportedly Aamir is worried about news reporting and views it as a national concern---a view not many actors/celebrities take. Am interested in hearing what he has to say on that topic and if possible also answer the "Coke" question.

Sharad said...


I saw this comment of yours a while back. So today, in the midst of all the bawaal about Amir Khan lending his voice to the NBA cause, he was asked in a CNN-IBN interview about his endorsement of Coke.

He said - and I am trying to quote him as close as I can: "I have nothing against the product itself. However I do not understand the manufacturing end of Coke's operations. I have asked their representatives to explain what's going on at the bottling plants. I am going to follow up on it - If i learn, and feel that this indeed is causing the problems that you (as in the interviewer) is talking about, then I will either see to it that it's fixed, or I will distance myself from the company, and I give this assurance on TV"

Purushottam said...

cool Shard, lets see if that statement of Aamir Khan goes anywhere. He was also asked about Coke by the NBA activists and his reply was the same. Keep us posted if you get news on that.