Saturday, April 01, 2006

March to Delhi

On 20 February 2006, around 150 Bhopal gas tragedy survivors began a march on foot from Bhopal to New Delhi (800 km) as part of the "March to Delhi, for justice and dignity in Bhopal" campaign. They are currently in Delhi and wish to meet the Prime Minister.
Their demands:
    To ensure that the Indian authorities:
    1. Set up a National Commission on Bhopal
    2. Provide Safe Drinking Water
    3. Prosecute Union Carbide and Anderson
    4. Make Dow Clean Up and Pay
    5. Blacklist Dow and Union Carbide
    6. Remember Bhopal

The padyatra home page is here.

On Tuesday March 28th, 350 Bhopalis were carted (Report 1 and Report 2) off to jail, but were "not under arrest" say police, merely detained without charge.
4pm IST, Bano Bee, 55, is struck in the chest and knocked unconscious.
At 4.01pm IST a kick in the chest knocks Ashraaf Bee, 60, senseless. Both women had walked 800km to see the Prime Minister

All 350 were released the same day, and since have met Mr. Ram Vilas Paswan (Minister of Chemicals and Fetilizers) on March 29th, who has ensured a meeting with the Prime Minister sometime next week.

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