Friday, March 24, 2006

Big is not beautiful

NBA's letter to Saif-ud-din Soz (Union Water Resources Minister) after approval was given to increase the height of the Sardar Sarovar Dam, from 110.64 m to 121.92 m, is here.

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neil said...

It reminds me of a Song
How does it go again?
I saw so many depart like that
All they'd ask for was a light
they settled for so little
they had so little anger in them
I hear their steps, I hear their voices
speaking of things quite banal
link things you read in papers
like things you say evenings at home
what are they doing to you
men and women
you tender stones
worn down too soon
your appearances are broken
my heart goes out at the sight of you
things are what they are
from time to time
the earth trembles
misfortune only misfortune resembles
so deep, so deep, so deep
you long to believe in blue skies
It's a feeling I know quite well
I still believe at certain times
I still believe, I must admit
but I cant believe my ears
oh yes I'm very much your peer
I'm just the same as you
like you, like a grain of sand
like the blood forever split
like the fingers wounded
yes, I'm your fellow creature