Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A/C travel

Clicked this picture, about a year ago, on Karnataka State Highway #12. SH 12 runs through Jeratgi, my ancestral village.

Any guesses for how many in/on the jeep?


Diana said...

Hi, Great pic, Similar pictures can be seen in almost all rural pockets of my village in Orissa too. I think thats a part of India's soul. And everybody on that jeep must be least interested knowing about their safety.Thats INDIA.. I guess!!!!!

Vishnu said...

I counted ten. Give another twenty inside. That makes it thirty. Do you know the answer?

Purushottam said...

Vishnu--no I don't know the answer. My guess is 25, 9 on top and 16 inside.

Diana---yeah a common sight in rural India. An interesting aspect is that these informal/privately operated travel options have almost eliminated the worry of planning around state-bus schedules (atleast in most parts of North Karnataka). People travel by whichever arrives first, a state transport bus or a jeep/private bus and the net wait times are pretty short, albeit the jeeps being pretty cramed and potentially less safe!

Dhananjay said...

That picture brings back some memories. I remember when Puru was taking the picture - one of the guys jumped down from the roof of the car (thinking the picture is going to get them into trouble). However, once he was convinced this picture is not for the police, nor a prank - he climbed back up and gave a BIG smile for the picture! This is our India :) Cheers!