Friday, March 31, 2006

12 Myths About Hunger

Why so much hunger?
What can we do about it?
To answer these questions we must unlearn much of what we have been taught. Only by freeing ourselves from the grip of widely held myths can we grasp the roots of hunger and see what we can do to end it.

12 Myths About Hunger from Food First/Institute for Food and Development Policy. Dated 1998, but still worth a lot of thought. Link has more details.
     1. Not Enough Food to Go Around
     2. Nature's to Blame for Famine
     3. Too Many People
     4. The Environment vs. More Food?
     5. The Green Revolution is the Answer
     6. We Need Large Farms
     7. The Free Market Can End Hunger
     8. Free Trade is the Answer
     9. Too Hungry to Fight for Their Rights
     10. More U.S. Aid Will Help the Hungry
     11. We Benefit From Their Poverty
     12. Curtail Freedom to End Hunger?

Any others or comments?


Diana said...

the number of reasons shown on the post are more than enough puru!!!

Purushottam said...

yeah, 12 is already a long list!

I don't know in which myth the following one corresponds to:
In India, overflowing national food godowns and people dying of hunger, both at the same time.