Friday, February 24, 2006

Weapons of Mass Deception

A link to Danny Schechter's film, WMD (Weapons of Mass Deception): wmdthefilm

There were two wars going on in Iraq - one was fought with armies of soldiers, bombs and a fearsome military force. The other was fought alongside it with cameras, satellites, armies of journalists and propaganda techniques. One war was rationalized as an effort to find and disarm WMDs - Weapons of Mass Destruction; the other was carried out by even more powerful WMDs, Weapons of Mass Deception.

Link to a segment on Democracy Now! featuring Danny Schechter.

Danny Schechter, Executive Director and co-founder of He is director of the documentary "Weapons of Mass Deception" and author of many books including "When News Lies: Media Complicity and the Iraq War."

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