Tuesday, February 07, 2006

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Are muslims "safe" in India?
An article by Imran Ali and Yoginder Sikand on Ghettoisation Of Muslims In India. Would be interesting to know if the reverse of such a situation exists, i.e., non-Muslims not wanting to live in Muslim areas---both situations being equally unfortunate.


I am not against AOL (Art-of-Living) or for it. I reached this AOL website for some reason, and found this:
(Q.8) Donation: How are you going to utilize the funds? For what purpose?
a. Funds are being collected for the purpose of undertaking the activities mentioned before. We have an efficient network of volunteers spread allover India. The utilization of funds is carried out through efficient monitoring systems via our Apex Bodies/Information Centers, spread allover the country.

b. Ours is a Non-Profit Charitable Trust and we are all volunteers.

c. All the service activities are carried out by our volunteers, who are extremely dedicated and committed. Hence the success of our organization lies in our ability to effectively execute every project with the least administrative costs, which are hardly 5-10% as against those of other NGOs, who use up to 60% of their funds for this administrative purpose.

huh!!! that is a pretty blanket statement. Granted AOL has its charity organization etc., but there are several NGOs running on shoe-string budgets and are volunteer run, working at the grass-roots level.


Hema Raghavan said...

Why is the AOL on the same post which is titled "Are Muslims Safe in India"? Thats how it shows up in my RSS.

Purushottam said...

hema---actually the post has no title, i think the RSS/blog picks up the first few sentences as topic in such cases. Will add some thing to clear that, but certainly not intentional.

Purushottam said...
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Hema Raghavan said...

Also need to keep in mind these things because if you search "muslim ghetto aol" or some such combination, the search will pull up your page.

Of course upon reading it is clear that there is no relation, but still.

Maruthi Ramesh Nallapati said...

puruman, the sentence has the word "upto" in it, so it doesn't mean all other NGOs are spending 60% on overheads. But yes, they could have used a more reasonable number than citing the worst case scenario.