Sunday, February 05, 2006

Religion/Politics/Double Standards

An article on CounterCurrents about the debate whether depicting Prophet Mohammad with a bomb in his turban is free speech and the double standards of the West.
What Would Jesus Do?, by Remi Kanazi

A Kumbh mela, organized by RSS, VHP, BJP, of awakened Hindus, to awaken Hindus and the vanavasi Hindus. Ram Puniyani writes from Gujarat: Intimidating A Minority.

Don't know why we need these terms, awakened, empowered? and what they really mean? ... other than as political tools to divide people based on religous bias ... your comments?


Maruthi Ramesh Nallapati said...

You criticize the west on its "double standards". Point taken. On the other hand, I am wondering if you are also critizing the muslim fundamentalist demonstrators that attacked and stoned the Danish embassies in Jordan and Egypt and issued abominable public threats in London. Just as Hindu fundamentalists deserved no sympathy when they attacked M.F. Hussain's paintings for depicting Saraswati in the nude! If I am not mistaken, the same rules should apply here too.

Purushottam said...

Pa, yes certainly I am. I am reasonably sure no religion preaches violence as a reaction to anything and anyone who uses/advocates directly or indirectly is not representing that religion in my opinion.
As far as reactions to cases of objectionable depiction of religion, I am not sure what is the answer, but certainly not violence.