Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Religion over Law

As if Muslim Personal Law Board's issuing edicts was not enough, we now have Hindu Personal Law Boards (don't know what that means though and what/whom it represents) which announced a cash reward of Rs 51 crores to eliminate M. F. Hussain, the French film maker desecrating Lord Shiva and companies printing pictures of Ram and Krishna on tissue paper.

The IE article: Hindu group offers Rs 51 cr for Hussain's head

While the question of hurting religious sentiments is very tricky and needs to be addressed to avoid it being exploited for communal purposes among many other things, I don't think any religion prescribes death threats and violence as a reaction.

Also, are these Personal Law Board's above the law of the land? and if not, why aren't these activities followed up by the police? I am sure if I start issuing death threats, I will soon have to pay a visit to the police station ... will similar action be taken in such cases?


neil said...

watching Domino was not a bad idea afterall

Purushottam said...

Neil Baba---please shed more light, did not get what you meant by watching Domino?