Saturday, February 11, 2006

Lack of sanitation facilities

Kalpana Sharma writes on the issues of lack of sanitation and water facilities and their particularly large effect on women: Educating Mr. Modi

A 2002 article on the same topic by Sakuntala Narasimhan: Sanitation: The hidden gender problem
"Yes, I am hungry. I have not eaten since morning, but if I eat now I will have to go to the toilet by the time the food is digested -- and there is always a long line at the washroom. We have just two toilets for women in this camp. So I eat only one meal a day, to minimise the number of visits to the toilet."

The latest Human Development Report estimates that only 31 per cent of the population in India has adequate sanitation facilities, as against 73 percent in Vietnam, and 68 per cent in Zimbabwe, for instance. Among the displaced and uprooted, however, this percentage becomes even lower, because a temporary shelter is rarely seen as more than a room with a roof.

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