Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Role of Media!

I visit a good number of news websites daily (almost an essential graduate student duty). Stopped reading 'Times Of India' a long time back, as it appears to have transformed itself into a tabloid avatar. One good aspect of ToI is that like a few other large newspapers it has a local edition for major cities, which in my opinion is a great avenue for local reporting on local issues--- and Pune has 'Pune Times'. About 7 years back when I left Pune, it was almost turning into a tabloid but had some semblance of news on its first and second page. On my last visit about a couple of months back, Ashwin and me looked through a few issues of Pune Times and found no real news article in the entire 4-page newspaper supplement over several days. I looked up today's Pune Times epaper and below are pictures of each page. A great avenue for reporting local issues is being wasted in my opinion. Your comments?
On the flip-side several local and much smaller newspapers (compared to the scale of ToI etc) report relevant and real issues effecting the common man.

(please click to enlarge each page and see if you find any sort of news in it) ... would be glad to hear comments.


Hema Raghavan said...

TOI is an English language daily
(still claims to be the largest English daily).

What audience reads TOI? TOI is probably giving their audience what they want.

Do you know of any agencies like Nielsens in the US that has statistics on newspapers in India (age-groups, local language versus english, most popular etc.)?

I can point to a bunch of statistics for the US, but haven't found such for India. Readership info might explain something.

Samachar has day to day stats. See what people are reading online. Probably same kind of viewership for Pune Times (print edition).

Anonymous said...

I agree with Puru... Pune times has really deteriorated from a newspaper to a party portal.. which can come in handy from time to time (Fri/Sat nights) but useless as far as any meaningful news content. Sigh... Puru.. wish there was a newspaper equivalent of OrganiX :)