Wednesday, January 11, 2006

No more just a "bai"

The day may not be too far when you would be required to sign a contract to hire a domestic worker with a minimum wage, paid holidays and better working conditions.
The Maharashtra government has agreed to set up a group in February which will consider a possible workers’ rights legislation. Still a long way to go, but a welcome move to address the long neglected sector of unorganized domestic workers and give them their much-needed rights.

Details in the following DNA article: No more just a 'bai' - Daily News & Analysis

A snipet from it:
These measures are long overdue. India cannot claim to be moving towards becoming a globalised economy if its labour force continues to function in a medieval manner.

Real wages of the professional class have shot up in recent years, but at the bottom of the working ladder, conditions have not changed.

Having said this, the sector being highly unorganized and informal, if something similar to the above happens, its implementation in itself will be very challenging.

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