Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Koushik (Dada) and me participated in "Undercurrents", a radio show aired on WMUA 91.1 FM. We spoke about VSEI, its Amherst activities and education in India.

What was interesting was that producing a radio program did not look very difficult. The bigger deal being obtaning the equipment and the cost associated with it.
Dada and me wondered about why such radio stations are not common in India, something that I have thought about before too and saw a few articles about it on IndiaTogether. A community radio station, something which has non-commercial, non-mainstream, non-entertainment programming can be appealing to the audience (espically rural and working class). I feel if people are told important things like India's foreign policy on trade exports, they will listen with interest. By not airinig such programs, saying that they are too complicated matters etc. the ordinary people are underestimated and robbed of a chance to get important information. This hole can be filled with community based radio stations and has a good potential according to me.

I tried to get some details about working at the radio station and inspite of being a bit late for me to pursue it at UMass, I hope to attempt it seriously before I go. In anycase, the time at the radio station was fun.

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