Friday, December 30, 2005

On why Sourav Ganguly's exclusion is not a trivial matter

Apratyaksh: On why Sourav Ganguly's exclusion is not a trivial matter

Picked this up from a link on the prempanix blog, one of the very good blogs on the Ganguly episode and the outburst that followed.
From the blog:
What makes the question of Ganguly's inclusion in the team such an important question is that it asks the bigger question that India has now, inadvertently, been called to answer. It is a choice between past glory and continuous improvement. Between emotion and merit. And India has to answer. If it chooses emotion and past glory and asks for the reinstatement of Ganguly to the team based on the past, India can go back to its unquestioning, uncomplaining life accepting all its problems and cricket as its escape from those problems.

If, instead, it chooses to take a step forward to a system where merit and performance are not optional, it will have to answer even bigger questions. Why doesn't the same apply to every sphere of our life? Why do we accept corrupt politicians and a highly dysfunctional government machinery? When India dismisses the Bengali sentiment running high in Ganguly's favour as blind emotion, it will need to answer why it votes on the basis of language, caste, creed and religion. When it demands to know the credentials of the five selectors who choose the Indian cricket team, why doesn't India ask for the qualifications and the bonafides of its elected representatives who make decisions on its behalf- decisions that affect its daily life.

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Manish Chhetri said...

Talking about merit..where does..kaif, sehwag and sachin fit in..!! U shock politics..then u would be closer to the truth.