Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Ganguly, Protests and Lok Sabha

A few thoughts related to the non-selection of Ganguly for the third test.

(1) First cricket related, the selectors/coach are walking the talking about a bench strength and an eye on the future. The manner in which they are doing it may be questionable, but no doubt the selection committee is being radical in taking a few decisions which are seldom what they are known for.

(2) Not only did the "common" man protest, but so did the political ministers, the Bengal film personalities etc. The emotion was so high that the speaker admitted a discussion about it (and later said it was regarding Indian sports in general) in the Lok Sabha.
It is saddening to see our ministers reacting to such issues with so much urgency and intent, but ignoring many more pressing and basic issues affecting a huge number of people.

(3) Equally or even more interesting is the fact that a large part of the community feels sad because of this incident (I am not saying they should not), but the question to ask then is: Are we similarly emotionally, vocal and take a stand against other issues affecting our community? How many people are interested in taking a stand for the dam movement, for the anti-Coca Cola movement, or thousands of tribals being displaced as a result of new industries being setup or on national policies. Are we as individuals taking a stand on any of such issues? Forget taking a stand, most of us dont even care to know about these things.

(4) As usual the media also went frenzy with the controversy. But how many of them similar to the us apathetic individuals want to report anything other than the usual sleaze and sensational news items.

As individuals, ministers, film personalities or anybody, I think we can not only get hurt by Ganguly's ouster but also try to atleast get to know the several real and urgent issues affecting our community, country and maybe soon each us directly and do something about them.

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